Add clickable Logo & Video in your uploaded video


Add clickable Logo & Video in your uploaded video

Hello friends if you have a YouTube channel then you know about the importance of subscribers on your channel and also you know about that the views on your video so today in this article i will show You about the Trick for increase your channel subscribers and also the views on your uploaded video by just adding the clickable logo and video in your popular videos , so let’s get start

Hello friends  today’s article I will show you about how can you can add the applicable overall clickable video applicable site in your YouTube video you doing this you just need a YouTube channel and upload a video then you can capable to do this process first of all you need to grow your YouTube channel after login your YouTube channel go to video manager, then click on edit video which video you want to add with clickable logo on video online but if you want to add a site you need a verified site on your channel verified website means you can add in your YouTube channel. 
After that just click on screen annotation then you will see the used tablet click on the title and enter the title if you want to add the site something after when you click on the title of the title of the title of the what do you want. 
The reason to add a clickable logo applicable site on increasing was clickable in your video is that the if you video goes viral news to a site Goes by the family with you are videos and the other advantages is that the your users can be search the information from your side by your video you does not need you there any link in description so that’s a great feature of this article so friends I hope you understand the information I will give you about this article means I will you you about the how to add a clickable logo on your YouTube video. 
And the other thing I will tell you that is I also have a channel on YouTube so friends I hope you’re subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you can’t find my channel on YouTube just to go the above of this website and you will see that see the Youtube logo and the other is that the at the end aa at the footer of this website you will show the Youtube logo then just click on this logo fumitory dieting to can you see the my channel after that just click on the subscribe button and enable the notification Bell you need to turn on the notification Bell is that the vain I upload your upload a video on YouTube you will get the notifications on the YouTube officially so then you can’t miss my any video. 
So friends goodbye I will hope that you understand the above information I will explain in detail if you have any problem then contact me I have you my contact number on YouTube so friends I am going for today I will come on tomorrow with new article thank you for visiting.
What is Requirements ?
To doing this step or method or trick You need following things
1) Owen Youtube channel.                                   
2)Owen laptop or mobile with Google chrome
4)Any Videos uploaded on The own YouTube   channel
5)Good working internet connection

Why do this ?
The reason to doing this trick is that the is Your subscriber not gain or if some video not got more views then if you use this trick all is done

When viewers watching your video then the subscription logo which is clickable and also some clickable video , so if anyone click on this then viewers redirected to the click

It was help to increase the subscribers and views

How Do this?
To doing this first open the chrome browser in mobile/ Desktop with desktop enabled , then you need to enter the url of YouTube ( after that you will see the YouTube then you need to sign in with your Google account which has a YouTube channel then just simply goto your popular video after that you need to click on attention after that 
You will see “Add template” click on that then choose which you want after doing this you will capable for adding two video and one logo and the both are also clickable


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