Download New Kinemaster 2018 with Video Layer for all device


The New Kinemaster 2017 application are available so you can download it from link given below(Mesothelioma Law Firm)

Mesothelioma Law Firm

so, guys, you need to just download from below, and do not do anything just download and us Mesothelioma Law Firm
but make sure that the your data connection is off while opening kinemaster app.

hello and welcome friends in this tutorial i will show you that how to add the video layer in the kinemaster application Mesothelioma Law Firm.
the kinemaster is nothing but the so popular application for the all android devices so this software or application have anyone which person are interested in the video editing and as well as this had a most satisfied performance
and the another is that the kinemaster video editor are the free for everyone so any person can download it and enjoy.
this kinemaster video editor is mostly used by the persons who have own channel on the youtube but doesn’t have a PC or laptop so these persons are using this software to edit there videos perfectly to upload on there channel and attracting the peoples.

so now i will start to show you that how to add the video layer in your kinemaster if it doesn’t have alrady, so guy for this methode you dose not need any rooted device because the trick i will showing you that are the most easy you  dont need to do anything you just need to follo my instructions and the you will got the your destination thats mean you got the video layer in your kinemaster

First of all you need to go the following downloading link are given in below link Mesothelioma Law Firm.

after openning the above page in your pc/laptop or mobile phone then you will open the offitial google drive page, then after that you need to just sign in with your google account
and wen you are sucessefully sign in now the just click on the download name you will start to downloading your kinemaster with alrady videolayer for all devices
now after downloading just install this in you device and firstly make sure that the you wii disabled the your internet connection, because the if you mobile data is on and you will open that the the videolayer was gone or not showing Mesothelioma Law Firm

Precautions :

1) make sure that the your mobile data connection was not enable befour opening kinemaster
2)do not change the any file of kinemaster with using the root broweser
3)if in case that your video layer was gose by sone mistakes , then just clear the data of kinemaster application fron the settings

Another way:

How to add a video layer in kinemaster? 

So friends today I will showing you in this article is that is thing that the how to add video layer in kinemaster friends before few months this is the hard to add video layer in kinemaster because you need a rooted device for this but now you don’t need anything you just need a mobile phone without any rooting need so let’s get started. 

To add video layer in kinemaster it is very easy step good persons are hanging out confused in these dates so I will telling you are very simplest trick on the world you just need to uninstall your old  kinemaster after uninstalling your old kinemaster you need to go the link I will go why did you about to download kind master new 2017 APK because this apk file comes with the already added video live for 70% to 20% because of this thing doesn’t work in all devices but work in the most of the devices also use this application in Karbonn Titanium S5 Ultra and redmi note which one better I also uploaded a video on YouTube for this, so without changing subject I will telling you after downloading directly use hahaha… It doesn’t need anything trick with Mesothelioma Law Firm. 

After installing kinemaster application file in your device just open it but but but but first of all take your the mobile data connection is off then open kinemaster application and plus button which is in the circle Mesa leave the empty project after selecting the empty project on the media plays and choose the background you want all the video what you want and if you want to change background to use media and then click on button click on the button directly used your key remove the background and enjoy. 

Guys I hope you understand today’s I will waiting for you tomorrow thank you for visiting my site stay connected if you don’t know about my YouTube channel range click on the Youtube logo Babu at bright side and below at footer so thank you for visiting on TachEducationGuru.


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