Withdraw everus.org (EVR) coins in Blockchain


Withdraw Letcoin to everus.org (EVR) coins in Blockchain

Everus.org EVR coin withdraw

As we Know Before 4-6 the Letcoin.org this website becomes trends for mining the lecoin but after that user cannot have the option to withdraw it, so now this website is back with the name of Everus.org and from 30th of oct user can withdraw the EVR coin to BTC, Blockchain or Direct Bank transfer and also has PayPal option to withdrawal the EVR Coins. Before Few Moths, this website announced the referral program that gives $5 Per Referal So, this goes to trend and to many peoples register on it and refer to friends.
Before few months the letcoin goes in trend and the value of 1 letcoin = $0.28 so if any user will sign up on the letcoin then he will get the 5 letcoins but now the condition will be changed and the referral program has been stopped by everus.org because letcoin changed to everus.org so the from 30th of October 2017 the user can be with them all the amount available in there EVR wallet will be withdrawal to the blockchain wallet so it will be converted in BTC.
The Co-Founder of  EVR coins is “Alex Johnson” and you can see there profile on the EVR coin website and He will Say that the
In order for the full potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to be realized, solutions must be created that address the consumer’s needs and the regulators’ concerns. 
Only by striking a delicate balance between the two, can the greater good be served in an equitable manner. 
As a blockchain based fintech, we aim to bridge this gap and drive the evolution of traditional financial systems into the new economy.

Important: How to Change Letcoin Wallet to EVR (everus.org) Wallet 

“Now let’s talk about how to change the account of letcoin to the EVR wallet or Everus.org for getting the available amount in the world, so for this topic, I will tell you that you don’t need to do anything just go to your Gmail account and search for the late. The mail which has you received in there you will see your ID password or login password and now with this email and received the password you can sign-in to the Everus.org means EVR Wallet. After that when you enter your letcoin iD password in Everus.org they will say you to change the password now enter any new password and they will directly automatically login you then you will see you are available wallet amount and the wallet is recovered.”

How to Withdraw the EVR Coin or Letcoin from everus.org

The of  Withdrawal of EVR Coin  will start from 30th oct 2017

Now let’s talk about how to withdraw the EVR coin from the everus.org website, to withdraw this amount of your EVR wallet you will need to make a Blockchain wallet from the blockchain.info
after your wallet is created at the blockchain now just copy the Blockchain wallet address to receive the amount from EVR wallet to Blockchain wallet.
Now after this all done, just open your EVR Wallet and then click on the Withdrawal option > Blockchain (BTC) and now enter the wallet address correctly there and then it will verify the 2-step verification and then click on Submit button.
Within 24Hours your EVR Wallet amount will be Transferred to Blockchain Wallet….. Enjoy.
#Note Withdrawl Option Visible from 12:00AM (30th oct 2017)
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